jeudi 21 mai 2020

MoreThanWords May Challenge

Hi ladies! 
Here is my layout inspired by the MoreThanWords May Moodboard
Word Inspiration - Funny
Creative Challenge - Stripes
 Here to participate :) 
For this challenge, I used a funny picture of my little daughter. My daughter loves to have fun in the snow and I like to capture the moment with my camera. Every time I see this picture, I feel like I hear him laughing. I used "Funny" as a title. The creative challenge "Stripe" inspired me to take only striped paper and washi tapes.

See you soon :)
Valérie xx

lundi 18 mai 2020

Chronique Fond aquarelle avec les Oxide spray

Bon matin les filles!

Voici donc une petite chronique photo qui j’espère sera pas trop complexe à comprendre. Si jamais vous avez des questions, ne vous gênez pas :)

Matériels utilisés:

-Carton aquarelle (Vicki boutin ou strathmore)
-Oxide spray Wheathered Wood
-Oxide spray Faded Jeans
-Oxide pad Dusty Concord
-Dylusion spray Mushy Peas
-Découpes Les créations Edith Cloutier
-Badge Scrapauxpuces
-Étampe Altenew
-Étampe Designed by Valerie Set 5 et Set 7
-Fleurs 49andMarket

Étape 1: Donc, pour commencer, mouiller votre feuille en faisant un cercle au centre de votre page. Ceci délimitera l'endroit ou placer l'encre. Vous aller déborder légèrement, donc éviter de le faire trop grand.
Ensuite, vous y aller au pinceau rond en ajoutant de l'eau au besoin pour faire l'effet aquarelle. On fait sécher complètement.

Étape 2: On ajoute la deuxième couleurs avec la même technique

Étape 4: Une fois bien sec ont prend un pinceau et de l'eau propre et ont fait des goutes d'eau. On attend environ 1 min et ont absorbe les gouttes en roulant un papier essui-tout dessus.  

 Étape 5: On peut également ajouter un peu de couleur punch ici et la avec les pads. Je les aime aussi, mais ont doit étamper souvent pour avoir de l'encre en quantité suffisante. On ajoute un peu d'eau au mélange. On s'amuse à créer un mouvement et des éclaboussures.

Étape 6: On ajoute un peu de coton fromage déchiré pour mettre un peu de texture et d'éclat.

Étape 7: On colle photo et embellissements et voila :)

samedi 18 avril 2020

More Than Words Challenge April 2020

Hi ladies!
Here is my layout inspired by the MoreThanWords April Moodboard
Here to participate :) 

Word Inspiration - EVERYDAY
Creative Challenge - BUGS AND BIRDS

For this challenge, I used a photo taken by my mother. She saw a beautiful BIRD in her garden. I also put the following sentence: There is something good in EVERYDAY.
Everyday, my mother walks around trying to find new species. I find that life, nature is one of the beautiful things on earth.
And some details :)

 See you soon :)
Valérie xx

samedi 21 mars 2020

More Than Words March 2020

Hi ladies! Long time no see hahaha
Here is my layout inspired by the MTW March 2020 moodboard.

Here to participate :)  

Word Inspiration - FOOD
Creative Challenge - SQUARE PHOTO

For this challenge, is used a little SQUARE photo of my son eating an apple. The photo illustrates the word inspiration FOOD of the challenge.

Thank you for watching :)
See you soon xx

jeudi 2 janvier 2020

How to create a simple layout with metal dies

Hi gang! I take the time to wish you a wonderful 2020 year! May this year be the best for you.

I'm back for the last time. I loved creating for you during these years, but I must now take time for myself. I hope I have inspired and motivated you to create your own watercolor background. This is still what I enjoy doing the most.

For my last post, I created a simple layout that I made with a watercolor background and metal dies.
You just need a watercolor paper, inks and metal dies. 

First of all, create a freestyle watercolor background and when it's dry, you can cut pieces with metal dies. I choose snowflake dies.


I use a white paper to keep the punch on the die-cuts. Stay simple. Just add a small embellishments and a title.


Some close ups





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  • watercolor paper, metal dies, flair, sticker, vellum
Thank you so much ladies!
Have a very nice year!!!
Lindys Blog Designer badge 2019 Valerie 2


mercredi 4 décembre 2019

Beginner Christmas Card with Lindy's Stamp Gang

Hi Lindy’s lovers!
Valerie here on the Lindy’s blog today and I’m back with a little tutorial to create a wonderful easy Christmas card with a watercolor background.


I’ve sprinkled some Magical and Shaker powder on a plastic protector and sprayed water on top of it.




I've placed my card on the ink to create a wonderful watercolor effect. I've crated 3 cards and each cards are different. It's very nice!


After that, I've decied to use embossing powders into the modeling paste.


I've use it with a stencil and I've dried it with my heat gun. The effect are very beautiful. Very smooth colors.




I've added some silver drops on my background to match with the colors of my card.


Now, I've placed my little paper silhouette fir to create a forest. And I've glued a flair on the top.




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  • Patterned paper, modeling paste, flair, jute
See you soon ladies!
Have a very nice day,
Lindys Blog Designer badge 2019 Valerie 2

vendredi 29 novembre 2019

November Challenge More Than Words

 Hi everyone!
Here is the November main challenge board from More Than Words.
Word Inspiration - SUCCESS
Creative Challenge - KEY
I created a layout with a picture of my mother. She has come a long way in her art: Photography. She works hard every day to finally make beautiful photo. The KEY of the SUCCESS is the work. I added some chipboard keys on my layout.
 Here's my project based on this month's challenge.