mercredi 11 avril 2018

How to Create Watercolor Embellishments for Beginners with Lindy's

Hi Lindy’s lovers!!
Valerie with you today to share a clean layout created with my own watercolor embellishments. It's very simple to create a fabulous bunch of flowers even if you are a beginner in watercolor. I used the new colors of Lindy's shaker to create my flowers and leaves. The effect of the shimmer in the Magical Shakers is really beautiful.


Basic Process

  1. Use a watercolor paper and brush
  2. Mix the shaker with water
  3. Create some leaves and flowers as explained in my video
  4. Cutout your shapes
  5. Add shape to the cutout designs, using a brush (or another round tool) and a mouse pad
  6. Create your bunch of flowers



You can watch the entire process on my video:

Lindy’s Products:

  • Cuts2luv flair, Edith Cloutiere stickers, word title.
I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how fun it is to work with the Lindy's shakers.
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