mercredi 15 mai 2019

Textured Watercolor Background with Embossing Powder

Hi Lindy’s lovers!
Valerie here and I’m coming back today with a fabulous watercolor technique. Yes yes another one, haha. I’m in love with watercolor techniques! For this layout, I created a beautiful smooth texture with Lindy’s embossing powders and stamps.



It’s very simple but gives awesome results.
Don’t forget to watch my video to understand the technique properly.


Basic Process

  1. Use watercolor paper and choose your colors. I used Pineapple paradise, Emerald Eh!? and Banff Blue
  2. Pick your embossing powder. It’s very important to choose a pale one. The result will be more beautiful. I used Sunset Yellow Orange.
  3. Use Versamark to stamp your background. You can use different floral stamps and create a magical field of flowers. Emboss with your powder.
  4. When it’s dry and your design is complete, add one color of ink at a time. Don’t forget to add a lot of water.
  5. Sponge the excess to create a degraded textured effect.
  6. Let the color dry and give a second layer with the darker one. But not on the whole surface. Add a lot of water and sponge the excess another time.
  7. To finish, add some drops of Frozen Jack Frost spray

Here are some close-ups of my finished layout.





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See you soon ladies!
Have a very nice day,
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