mercredi 4 décembre 2019

Beginner Christmas Card with Lindy's Stamp Gang

Hi Lindy’s lovers!
Valerie here on the Lindy’s blog today and I’m back with a little tutorial to create a wonderful easy Christmas card with a watercolor background.


I’ve sprinkled some Magical and Shaker powder on a plastic protector and sprayed water on top of it.




I've placed my card on the ink to create a wonderful watercolor effect. I've crated 3 cards and each cards are different. It's very nice!


After that, I've decied to use embossing powders into the modeling paste.


I've use it with a stencil and I've dried it with my heat gun. The effect are very beautiful. Very smooth colors.




I've added some silver drops on my background to match with the colors of my card.


Now, I've placed my little paper silhouette fir to create a forest. And I've glued a flair on the top.




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  • Patterned paper, modeling paste, flair, jute
See you soon ladies!
Have a very nice day,
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