mercredi 17 avril 2019

Watercolor technique with layers of ink for Lindy's stamp gang

Hi Lindy’s lovers!
Valerie here and I’m coming back today with a fabulous watercolor technique with layers. This technique is very interesting with Squirts because once dry, it is permanent and therefore doesn't mix with other layers that I add.
Don't forget to watch my video to understand the technique.



Basic Process

  1. Use watercolor paper
  2. Choose 1-3 colors of Lindy’s squirts. I used Polite People Purple , Loonie Toonie Teal and Banff Blue
  3. Add water on the section would you like to create your watercolor
  4. Add one color at a time and add lot of water
  5. Create some splatters with your ink and water
  6. Let dry without heat gun
  7. When it's dry, add another layer of ink here and there. No to much!!
  8. Add once again splatters with inks and water
  9. At the end, add some drops of Frozen Jack Frost spray
I’ve created a step-by-step video so you can watch the entire process

Here are more close-ups of my finished layout





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See you soon ladies!
Have a very nice day,
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